The (New) Best C-C Cookie: ADC, Part 33

For the longest time, I had a favorite vendor for chocolate chip cookies. It doesn’t matter who. They were The Best. Period.

Cookies so good, I would drive well out of my way to buy one.

Just a week ago, however, I “discovered” an even better chocolate chip cookie baker. Generous in size, and somewhere between squishy soft and over baked hard. Moist, and not “cake-y.” Lots of chips, but not so many as to overwhelm. And very reasonably priced ($1.75).

I suppose we’re always “on the hunt.” Maybe we’re never satisfied.

Decorators search constantly for another, final, “finishing” touch. Shouldn’t there be a single finishing touch?

Collectors are likewise relentless in their searches. Just one more item and the collection will be completed. It’s never going to be completed. Face it.

Accumulators search for more “stuff,” just to add to the pile. Pile building must have its virtues.

And so, too, with the elusive, perfect chocolate chip cookie. Please understand (and sympathize if not empathize): this has not been my life’s quest.

At no time did I resolve to seek out CCC perfection. Though it doesn’t seem such an awful aspiration.

I had a perfectly good cookie vendor. There was much to appreciate, if not applaud.

But when the opportunity arose, I took advantage of it. This almost sounds like cheating on a spouse.

It’s not my fault! I’m not to blame! (See the September 16th Blog entry.)

And I couldn’t help it. I was at the bakery, innocently ordering a sandwich, and ready to go sit by the ocean at Willard Beach in South Portland, Maine.

The cookie was just . . . there. Waiting. Practically begging me to take it.

I did. And I’m not ashamed.

Collectors can substitute show/auction/shop for “bakery.” And, substituting for “cookie” is whatever it is they collect.

At least with collecting, one does not run up a dentist’s bill. Or have to spend extra time at the gym on the incredibly tedious walkway to nowhere (treadmill).

Sacrifices, sacrifices.

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