DWS and a Stock Tip

Nearly everyone in New York State favors legalizing marijuana, according to a recent poll taken by Jeff Spicoli.


Just kidding. Truthfully, the poll was administered by Quinnipiac University.

And the poll’s finding of 90 percent approval [!] is qualified by the expression “for medical purposes if their doctor prescribes it.”

Now there’s a qualification that helps.


Doesn’t this seem a bit of a disconnect? What about, for instance, the half-century of research demonstrating the health hazards associated with smoking?

The research does not simply reveal that smoking is unhealthy. Instead, the research virtually uniformly documents the health injuries caused by smoking.

Oh, that’s just science.

Furthermore, apologists will quickly note, one doesn’t have smoke marijuana, one can bake it. Thank you, Alice B. Toklas. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alice_B._Toklas

OK, then what about concerns on the road – you know, DWS, driving while stoned?

Today, without the influence of intoxicants, drivers who need to cross four lanes of 60 mph traffic in order to not miss their exit feel welcome to abruptly and without warning do so, all while also not once looking left or right, or checking their mirrors.


I suppose those driving straight will just have to learn how to maneuver, won’t they? As they already do for Potholes. What’s the difference?

Once legalized, will we allow marijuana smoking in places where tobacco is not? Public libraries, for instance? College classrooms? Or, for that matter, elementary school playgrounds?

On a related matter, what about all those relentlessly annoying news reports about the national obesity epidemic? Should we be concerned about marijuana legalization as associated with “munchies”? It’s a correlation, not a causal relationship, remember.

And that, finally, brings us to the stock tip.

Forget the tech sector. Who cares what the so-called analysts say. Forget, too, the biotech sector. Poppycock!

Get your broker on speed-dial.

We recommend a long hard look at such stocks as Yum! Brands (they’ve got the Colonel, the Hut and the Bell) and PepsiCo (Cheetos, Tostitos et al.).

With all the sparking up that is certain once legalization occurs, we expect New Yorkers to make mad dashes to convenience stores and supermarkets.

You’re welcome.

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