Aren’t we lucky.

No longer do we have to go to the trouble of manually shifting gears. Once automatic transmission was invented, long ago, automobile driving became accessible to the uncoordinated.

Just kidding. At least a little.

Without question, though, auto trannies served to further distance us from the experience (and skill) of driving . . . and traveling.

Beyond cars, automation has proved a valuable feature in so many ways.

We today have sink faucets intended to dispense water only when they detect motion. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I have to beg the chrome device in order to rinse my razor or toothbrush.

Likewise, toilets will flush in response to movement. No, not That kind of movement. Reminds me of a line delivered by one of the “Ally McBeal” characters: “I like to start with a fresh bowl.”

Faucet or toilet, the intention behind each is the laudable, sustainable goal of water conservation. Which, one supposes, is precisely what happens. Especially when the begging doesn’t produce the sought after result.

Until the thing goes on the fritz. Then the water runs constantly. Or never.

For those who tire of parenting, including the part about monitoring one’s kids’ media exposure, TV’s V-chip (and like devices for other media) takes care of that.

Even our paychecks are automated. Automatic direct deposit, for instance. Thereby saving us the drudgery of having to Go to the bank and deposit our wages.

How much is being deducted from your paycheck, for which reasons and with what accuracy?

I don’t know either.

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