Everyone is a . . .

Finish the sentence in the headline, please. By picking and naming your favorite profession.

Whatever happened to specialists? Experts?

Where have all the professionals gone?

Long time passing.

Hmm. A few more lines and there could be a hit record in this.

Beginning in 1984, when the Apple Mac debuted, everyone became a designer. The machine, you see, didn’t simply allow for this, it encouraged it.

I recall one professional designer referring to all the people-formerly-known-as-amateurs as the creators of “Mac-magic.”

The device democratized design because of the built-in software. So intuitive, so easy and oh-so-many choices (think of all the fonts!), we all became instant designers. Able to visualize that which was, heretofore, invisible.

The president of my place of employment took to presenting a pie-chart as part of his annual State of the Institution speech. Helpfully, with the aid of this visual, he showed the attentive audience what 95 percent looked like.

One really, really big slice. And another puny one.

It looked like you didn’t want to be the one who was given the 5 percent pie slice. Even if it came with ice cream.

Everyone is a photographer. Have cell phone, will picture. Great way to update Paladin’s business card. (You can look it up.)

Focus and framing, apparently, are not required. Nor is the “four year program,” as a colleague reminds me.

Everyone is a writer. And no one needs an editor. Or a copy editor. Or a fact checker. Especially if one works at a newspaper (or NASA) where accuracy is less essential.

The Blog you’re currently reading, for instance. I rest my case.

One wonders if people with fewer years behind them wonder about such things. Or, like wallpaper, one simply accepts what surrounds oneself.

When will they ever learn?

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