About Us

The RIT Women's and Gender Studies program offers an interdisciplinary and multicultural series of courses. Our courses explore and question the intersections of gender, sexuality, culture, ethnicity, and race.

Women's and Gender Studies (WGST) courses are taught by faculty members from various departments and fields of study. The Women’s and Gender Studies program offers a minor and an immersion

Our History

Women’s Studies courses have been a part of the curriculum of the College of Liberal Arts since 1982.  One of the original inter-disciplinary concentrations designed in the college’s curriculum revision of 1981, Women’s Studies courses have been continuously taught to RIT students for more than twenty-five years.  The Women’s Studies Minor was approved in 2001; shortly thereafter the Women’s Studies Program was designated to oversee the minor.  The names of the program and minor were changed in 2004 to Women’s and Gender Studies to reflect the broadening of course content to include issues of masculinity, queerness, and transgender. 

The Women’s and Gender Studies curriculum is overseen by the Women’s and Gender Studies Coordinating Committee (WGSCC), comprised of the Director of the Women’s & Gender Studies Program and a group of faculty members who have chosen to participate in the planning of both curricular and extra curricular events. 

Edwina Award

The Edwina Award recognizes a faculty or staff member for his/her significant contributions to enhance gender diversity and inclusiveness at RIT. The Award is announced annually at the Women's Career Achievement Dinner, hosted by the RIT Center for Women and Gender.  The 2015 recipient has been Professor Tina Olsin Lent, a founding member and past chair of the Women's and Gender Studies Program at RIT and current Director of the Museum Studies Program.