Women's and Gender Studies Minor


Silvia Benso

Director, WGST Minor Advisor
Professor, Department of Philosophy
Office:  Liberal Arts Bldg., 06-1305
Phone: (585) 475-4116
Email: sxbgsl@rit.edu 

The women's and gender studies minor provides a critical framework to explore the significance of gender—as it intersects with racial, ethnic, religious, national, class, sexuality, and disability-based identities, past and present. Course builds knowledge about the personal, social, cultural, economic, and historical dynamics that inform gender and intersecting social categories. The minor builds fluency with critical analysis and knowledge-building methods drawn from women's and gender studies, feminist theories, critical race studies, queer studies, social justice work, and activism. The minor also provides valuable skills and experience applying these different lenses to real-world interactions with diverse individuals and communities to current social challenges that impact multiple parties, and with an eye to improving equity and fair outcomes for everyone concerned. Students will learn how to analyze and question power relations in all their rich complexities, locally, and globally.

Required Course
WGST-200 Foundations in Women's and Gender Studies
Choose four of the following:
   ANTH-325    Bodies and Culture
   ANTH-425    Global Sexualities
   WGST-206    Queer Looks
   WGST-210    Introduction to LGBT Studies
   WGST-235    Women, Work, and Culture
   WGST-237    Psychology of Women
   WGST-240    Human Sexuality
   WGST-245    Prostitution and Vice
   WGST-246    History of Women in Science and Engineering
   WGST-250    Domestic Violence
   WGST-255    Seminar on Sexual Violence
   WGST-265    Women and Crime
   WGST-290    American Women's and Gender History
   WGST-291    History of Family and Children in the U.S.
   WGST-309    Feminist Theory
   WGST-335    Women and the Deaf Community
   WGST-342    Gender, Science, and Technology
   WGST-351    Gender and Sexuality in Hispanic Studies
   WGST-361    Queering Gender
   WGST-383    Traumatic Images
   WGST-384    Art of Dying
   WGST-388    Gender and Contemporary Art
   WGST-414    Topics in Women's and Gender Studies
   WGST-451    Economics of Women and the Family