Who are we?

Baja SAE is a collegiate design series sponsored by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). RIT Baja is just one of over one hundred regularly competing teams in the North American region alone. We have a long-standing record of excellence in the competition and are very proud of our achievements, being a top ten team for over a decade.

We build a new off-road vehicle every year that can survive and overcome a multitude of different terrains and obstacles. During the competition we are judged on the design and performance of our vehicle through numerous events ranging from static events like sales, cost, and design, to the dynamic events like acceleration, hill climb, and maneuverability. The competition culminates in a 4 hour endurance race testing the vehicle's ability to sustain repeated and intense transient loadings.

Our team is built on the ideals of fostering engineering development for any student interested in furthering their personal growth. We pride ourselves on creating the open environment allowing students to push their creativity and do so in a collaborative manor, spanning many disciplines. Students of any major, year, or background are encouraged to be a part of our team. This gives us the benefit of diverse mindsets and a truly tight knit group. We succeed by exposing all members to the engineering design process and helping them to think in a way that promotes an organized and creative approach to multi-faceted problems. Students work side-by-side with hands on projects as they design, manufacture, and test their ideas. Emphasis is placed on the effects that ripple out from their efforts, showing our members that their work matters. RIT Baja is a family founded on determination and strong core values. We wouldn't have gotten anywhere though without the support from our sponsors, who provide the resources to take our competition to otherwise unreachable heights.


The Team

We pride ourselves in having an amazing team to the extent that we call ourselves family!

Meet the Family!

The Team

We pride ourselves in having an amazing team to the extent that we call ourselves family!

Meet the Family!


The following companies have generously donated time, money, and/or materials to the RIT Baja SAE Team, something for which we are extremely grateful.

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Every year we compete in competitions all over the country. We are tested in various catagories. Starting with four dynamic events, a design presentation, a cost report, a sales presentation, and lastly a four hour endurance race. Here are the results from the following years: