We are in the process of migrating our website over to CampusGroups. The information on this website may not be up to date: You can find our new website here: https://campusgroups.rit.edu/first/home/

Welcome to RIT FIRST

FIRST Robotics doesn’t end after high school! In the RIT FIRST Alumni Association, you can learn more about robotics through our club projects, mentor local teams to help them prepare to compete in competitions throughout New York (especially at theĀ Finger Lakes Regional, which is held at RIT), volunteer at various robotics events doing things ranging from robot inspection to emceeing, and help run a Jr. FIRST LEGO League Expo! Come see what we’re working on and get to know us at one of our meetings:

Wednesdays at 8:00pm in James E. Gleason Hall GLE-1129 (General)

Saturdays at 12pm in Institute Hall INS-1080 (Project)

At this time, all meetings are hybrid and can be joined from Zoom, see Slack for more info!