November 18th – FRC Robot Revival Update

This weekend was a very busy weekend for the robot revival team! After we got everything from the basement and got lunch, we got to work on getting ready for next weekend. We transitioned the robot from Xbox controls to Logitech Attack 3D controls and replaced the rear left Victor. After we fixed that, we realized that the left side of the robot was driving tangibly faster than the right. After trying to calibrate all the Victors (with little success), we changed the left side from Victor 884s to 888s. We then tested Dustyn’s laptop with driver station and experienced watchdog issues, while my laptop did not have issues.

At the same time we continued work on the frisbee shooter. We started by reworking the frame to accommodate a piece of lexan curved around the CIM and pneumatic wheel. We then spent a long time balancing the wheel, as the pneumatic wheel was not designed to be spun at 5000rpm. We then worked on mounting the shooter onto the robot.

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