February 3rd – ImagineRIT Project Update

We met again this weekend to continue work on the ImagineRIT project. On the software team, we decided to go with Flask and React.js for the FMS front-end and we started researching how to utilize both libraries. We also started testing the back-end of the FMS, and got to the point where Serial initialization was almost ready. Ben continued work on the ASC PCB; it’s almost ready and should be ordered in the coming week or two. Additionally, electronics and software met up to discuss how we plan to do lighting on the field, where we decided put a debugging (RGB) LED on the ASC and have the ASC power one side of field lighting and it’s respective LED rings. The mechanical subteam continued prototyping and printing their prototype designs and worked on the field mechanisms. We will continue work next weekend at 10am in INS-1080!

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