March 31st – Imagine RIT Project Update

This week, we continued working on the Imagine project and we made some big improvements. First off, we got in a lot of parts and assembled the manipulators and started working on debugging and revising the manipulators. For example, The backplate of the ball shooter needed to be reprinted because it was too far from the wheels, but showed promise once the motor was spun up. The field electronics were also worked on, as some PCB traces were not connected and need to be manually jumped. With that, the scoring subsystem works and the controller can be programmed over ICSP (so it can be programmed without taking out the Atmel CPU). Finally, some bugs in the controller firmware were fixed and the controllers can work in addressing mode. With that complete, the FMS and ASC were setup in a field configuration and two robots were setup and were working (as seen in the video). We hope to get more robots working next weekend, when we’ll start at 10am in INS-1080.

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