April 28th – ImagineRIT 2018

Today was the big day, ImagineRIT! After working a couple of late nights during the week, we had the project working well on Thursday night. We then setup the project in the Clark Gym on Friday night, and had most of the robots working (one battery was dead), but the shooter robots were still not working. We stayed late and finished up the electronics of the shooter and prepared for the next day.

We started off having issues with the red ASC, where it would stop responding to serial commands after a bit. After spending a long time debugging everything, we decided to take it offline and only run the blue side of the field. We also worked on the shooter bot, but had issues with the motors stalling after a ball was put into the shooter. Additionally, the FTC and FRC teams put on an amazing show and really made the exhibit great.

We will be meeting one more time to have a retrospective/post-mortem on the project sometime this week.

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