April 28th – ImagineRIT 2018

Today was the big day, ImagineRIT! After working a couple of late nights during the week, we had the project working well on Thursday night. We then setup the project in the Clark Gym on Friday night, and had most of the robots working (one battery was dead), but the shooter robots were still not working. We stayed late and finished up the electronics of the shooter and prepared for the next day.

We started off having issues with the red ASC, where it would stop responding to serial commands after a bit. After spending a long time debugging everything, we decided to take it offline and only run the blue side of the field. We also worked on the shooter bot, but had issues with the motors stalling after a ball was put into the shooter. Additionally, the FTC and FRC teams put on an amazing show and really made the exhibit great.

We will be meeting one more time to have a retrospective/post-mortem on the project sometime this week.

April 21st – ImagineRIT Project Update

A lot happened during this, the last weekend before Imagine. We started by wiring the field and attaching the LEDs/scoring sensors. Meanwhile, Dustyn got more acrylic and got the last frame laser cut and assembled. Matt also continued work on the ball return system, and got most of the system working. Additionally, the mechanical team assembled and printed out the last parts of the ball manipulators and everything was mounted to robots and tested. On the software side of things, a lot of small changes were made, including the ability to load settings from a file and some bugs were fixed (hopefully). Finally, electrical worked on powering the motors for the ball shooter, and after frying a boost module, we decided to put it on the back burner. During the week this week, we will finish wiring the field, test code and put the finishing touches on the project.

April 14th – ImagineRIT Project Update

At the second to last meeting before Imagine, we got a lot done on the project. All of the robot frames were laser-cut and assembled (except one of them was broken during assembly) and the manipulators are mostly assembled and need to be attached. The field was also worked on, and it is mostly complete and painted, though the ball return system still needs a lot of work. Additionally, bugs in the software were ironed out, and software is ready for all the robots. Next weekend will be the big weekend where we’ll be putting on finishing touches and working out the last kinks!

April 7th – ImagineRIT Project Update

We met again this weekend, on the third weekend before Imagine. We started off by testing the servo code, which needed some tweaking, but successfully worked at the end of the day. The ball shooter code went untested, as some hardware is needed, but the code is just selecting a PWM duty cycle based on if a button is pressed. Additionally, more bugs were ironed out of the code base. For the manipulators, lots of things were printed, assembled and tested this weekend. However, we are still behind on the project and will have to do a lot of work next weekend in order to get the project ironed out for April 28th.

March 31st – Imagine RIT Project Update

This week, we continued working on the Imagine project and we made some big improvements. First off, we got in a lot of parts and assembled the manipulators and started working on debugging and revising the manipulators. For example, The backplate of the ball shooter needed to be reprinted because it was too far from the wheels, but showed promise once the motor was spun up. The field electronics were also worked on, as some PCB traces were not connected and need to be manually jumped. With that, the scoring subsystem works and the controller can be programmed over ICSP (so it can be programmed without taking out the Atmel CPU). Finally, some bugs in the controller firmware were fixed and the controllers can work in addressing mode. With that complete, the FMS and ASC were setup in a field configuration and two robots were setup and were working (as seen in the video). We hope to get more robots working next weekend, when we’ll start at 10am in INS-1080.

March 24th – ImagineRIT Project Update

The Imagine Project group met up again this weekend to continue work on the project, after Brett had explained what he had in his drawer and an event livestream was put up on the board. The software group continued work on the scoreboard, which is nearing completion. As seen from last weekend’s video, the robot software is working, and work continued on getting more robots and scoring working. However, flaws in the PCB were found, but were fixed with jumper wires. Additionally, Lorenzo brought in his goodies, an old computer power supply (which will be used to power the field) and server fans (for the ball return system) and work on the ball return was started. Finally, the mechanical team worked on the manipulators and started making the R3 frames. We will be meeting again next weekend in INS-1080 to continue working on the project!

March 3rd – ImagineRIT Project Update

A lot happened this weekend (and last weekend, though I forgot to make a post about it!). Last weekend, we continued work on finishing the field, CAD modeling, PCB design and software. We then ordered the PCBs for the ASC and they happened to get here this weekend and they were assembled early in the day. Additionally, the field was disassembled and painted during the day. We then started laying out our booth at Imagine and started working on what else (besides our project) we’ll have at our exhibit. Software continued work on the control subsystem and debugging the code base, where we got the robots moving! After break (March 24th), we will continue working on the project in INS-1080 at 10am!

February 17th – ImagineRIT Project Update

This weekend, work continued on the Imagine RIT project. We started off by getting materials for making the field and setting up (and “discussing”) 3D printers. We then started printing parts for the controllers and field, while continuing to edit CAD models to reflect changes that needed to be made in the final parts. Additionally, software continued debugging the current code base. Finally, the field was painted and assembly was started on it. However, we did not get far as the motor in my drill finally gave out, so time for me to get a new one. With a new drill in hand, we will meet next weekend in INS-1080.

February 10th – ImagineRIT Project Update

Work continued this week on the Imagine project. We started by going through our task list and completing relevant tasks, like a lighting plan. We then broke out and worked on individual tasks. Ben and Tommy worked on a breadboard setup to drive the field LED strips, while Brett continued work on the controller case. The software team continued research on Flask and React.js and started debugging the FMS code. The mechanical team continued working on CAD models and 3d printing. We will continue meeting next weekend at 10am in INS-1080.

February 3rd – ImagineRIT Project Update

We met again this weekend to continue work on the ImagineRIT project. On the software team, we decided to go with Flask and React.js for the FMS front-end and we started researching how to utilize both libraries. We also started testing the back-end of the FMS, and got to the point where Serial initialization was almost ready. Ben continued work on the ASC PCB; it’s almost ready and should be ordered in the coming week or two. Additionally, electronics and software met up to discuss how we plan to do lighting on the field, where we decided put a debugging (RGB) LED on the ASC and have the ASC power one side of field lighting and it’s respective LED rings. The mechanical subteam continued prototyping and printing their prototype designs and worked on the field mechanisms. We will continue work next weekend at 10am in INS-1080!