November 18th – FRC Robot Revival Update

This weekend was a very busy weekend for the robot revival team! After we got everything from the basement and got lunch, we got to work on getting ready for next weekend. We transitioned the robot from Xbox controls to Logitech Attack 3D controls and replaced the rear left Victor. After we fixed that, we realized that the left side of the robot was driving tangibly faster than the right. After trying to calibrate all the Victors (with little success), we changed the left side from Victor 884s to 888s. We then tested Dustyn’s laptop with driver station and experienced watchdog issues, while my laptop did not have issues.

At the same time we continued work on the frisbee shooter. We started by reworking the frame to accommodate a piece of lexan curved around the CIM and pneumatic wheel. We then spent a long time balancing the wheel, as the pneumatic wheel was not designed to be spun at 5000rpm. We then worked on mounting the shooter onto the robot.

November 11th – FRC Robot Revival Update

We met up in Institute this weekend and broke into two teams to work on Imagine and FRC Robot Revival. The FRC Robot Revival team started taking apart (what was left of) Team 73’s 2015 robot and made a basic frisbee shooter frame with some of the parts. They also worked on cleaning up the wiring on 3842’s 2011 robot. We then discovered that the key in the front right CIM had come undone, causing it to freely spin in the gearbox. The motor was replaced with a different CIM that already had a key and the correct drive gear installed (correctly, the original CIM did not have a clip to keep the key and gear from coming off). We also found that the right rear CIM was not being driven, and it seems there is an issue with the Victor. It will be replaced next weekend.

Additionally, when we were driving back to Gleason, we were having issues with an unfed Watchdog, which will be addressed next weekend. As for the frisbee shooter, a test hub was made to connect the CIM to the pneumatic wheel and the setup was tested. We tested multiple times and did not have a successful test. In the beginning, there was too much compression on the frisbee and the frisbee did not make good contact with the wheel (it was too low). After adjusting, we had issues with the hub being too lose and we could not get good contact between the frisbee and the wheel.

Next weekend, we will doing only FRC, as we need the robot working for the FLL competition on November 19th. We hope to have a working frisbee shooter, but a driving robot would suffice.