Program Requirements

Institute requirements for participation and graduation from the RIT Honors Program are available at:

In addition to the Institute requirements and the regular requirements for all COB students, COB Honors students must complete two additional requirements. All COB Honors students are required to complete Data Analysis II which some COB majors did not require in the past. This course requirement enables students to be better prepared for their junior/senior project, an Honors thesis.

The thesis topic is developed by students in consultation with a College of Business instructor. The students are responsible for finding a thesis advisor and developing a research plan with the advisor.

The thesis may be for either 4 or 8 credit hours, depending on its nature and scope. As a rough rule of thumb, about 100 hours of work should be expected for each 4 hours of thesis credit. The thesis replaces one or two courses, typically in the student's major, that would otherwise be taken.