The RIT Honors Program formally started in the 2002-2003 school year. College of Business (COB) support is provided by the COB Honors Committee, thesis advisors, professors teaching Honors courses offered by the COB, and the Honors Advocate.

The COB Honors Committee monitors COB Honors activities, provides direction and recommendations for the COB Honors Program, and evaluates incoming-freshmen and late-entry Honors applicants. Members of the Committee are Professors Francis Kearns (chairman), Jack Cook, and John Ward; Kathy Ozminkowski, Director of Undergraduate Program Services; and Akira Simizu, Representative of the COB Honors students.

Each student writing a thesis has a thesis advisor. Faculty serving or having served as thesis advisors include Professors Patricia Sorce, Valerie Perotti, Ashok Robin, James Baroody, Patricia Wollan, Neil Hair, Pamela Neely, Sandra Rothenberg, David Reid, Marty Lawlor, Richard DeMartino, and Stanley Widrick.

An Honors Leadership course was taught for the first time in the spring term of the 2004-2005 school year. Professor Robert Barbato was the instructor.

The current Honors Advocate for the COB Honors students is Professor Ward. Prior to November of 2005, Professor Jerry Curnutt served as the Honors Advocate for the COB Honors students. You can learn more about the role of the honors advocate position in the 'at a glance' section of the Institute Honors Website under the heading 'Honors Advising and Mentoring.'