Bitcoin: The Future is Built on the Blockchain?

Bitcoin holds the promise of a re-imagined finance industry; one that tears down borders. with a transparent global currency that eliminates fraud and brings accessible banking services to the unbanked people of this planet. Even today, bitcoin goes far beyond being an alternative method of payment, and instead is a technology that is being piloted by the biggest banks in the country as a protocol for the exchange of assets.

Joining a Startup

Startups provide an opportunity to reach individuals and change people's lives in a tangible way. They also provide a unique environment to learn about a lot of different things - you observe CEOs at work in close quarters. Hear from recent RIT graduates on their experience when joining a startup!

Curating the Succesful Social Experience

Social media is a unique leveling tool. Never before has there been a medium that moves as fast, yet still takes many brands some time to adapt to. But the more things change, the more they stay the same as we’ll dig into just what this new/old word “content” really means. This session will provide insight on how new companies can employ social media for a strategic advantage through better storytelling and providing smarter customer service.

Funding Your Venture

Funding you entrepreneurial idea can often times be the most difficult task of creating a new venture. This session will explore how to approach and earn financial resources from venture capitalist, angel investors, and banks.

Experience of Student Entrepreneurs*

Did you know that RIT's very own students have started exciting new businesses while still attending class? Hear how Tigers are thriving on and off campus.

Legal Issues - Incorporated and IP

Explore your legal concerns as an entrepreneur, Jeff Powers will discuss the nuts and bolts of the legal issues you are likely to face as a budding entrepreneur including when, how, and where to form a company.

Technology Commercialization

Many innovators, from those in large Fortune 500 companies to garage-shop inventors, routinely develop new products based on some idea, problem, or challenge they are trying to overcome. What they fail to accomplish is how to assess the unmet need, ensure the solution fits the need, protect the intellectual property, fund the solution, and find the means to commercialize the solution for eventual monetization. Hear from an expert consultant from the technology industry.

Tiger Tank

Sponsored by the Saunders College of Business, this event gives students the opportunity to pitch their business idea to several judges (aka, tiger sharks) to win cash prizes.  Competitors in the Tiger Tank this year are the top 5 submissions to the idea contest, preselected from more than 70 team submissions. The Tank is roaring!

Design Thinking and the Entrepreneur

Design principals are revolutionizing the customer experience. This session explores how industrial designers have employed their skills to uncover opportunities to create businesses.

Creating a Digital Business

In this day and age, taking advantage of the power of the digital world can make a great business. Leveraging digital capabilities to rethink any building block of a business model can lead to a successful venture. Hear from current entrepreneurs on how they are adapting to the digital market.

Customer Discovery

Customer development is a framework for helping startups discover and validate their customers, product, and go-to-market strategy. This session will focus more in-depth on what steps to take to discover your customer, why it’s important, and so much more!


*For registered high school students only


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