Interpreting Services

All college ceremonies will be sign-language interpreted and real-time captioned.

The Gordon Field House and Activities Center and the Gene Polisseni Center are equipped with an FM hearing assistance system. Receivers will be available at the ticket office in the Field House and at Guest Services in the Gene Polisseni Center.


Right now, masks can make it hard for everyone to communicate. If you’re looking for a way to communicate better with others, try TigerChat™. It’s a new app designed especially for the RIT community. It lets our campus community converse with one another (or a group) using automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology and typing. It is free to members of the RIT community — students and employees. During commencement weekend, it will also be free for those who are on campus. 

For information about how to get TigerChat and use it, click here.

Tiger chat graphic