Dean’s Advisory Board


Advise/Aid the Dean on the Strategic Direction of the College

Given its membership of outstanding worldwide business leaders and its unique practitioner perspective, the Advisory Board offers valuable advice, counsel, and support to the Dean in his decision-making role. The Board's advisory role will be especially useful in the formulation and development of long-range plans.

  • Board members support the Dean in defining and realizing the goals of the college.
  • Board members serve as ongoing consultants to the College's strategic plans.
  • Board members also provide general advice regarding student programs and activities.

Active Interface with the Business Community and Government

The Board serves an important capacity by maintaining the College's programs, departments, and personnel responsive to the dynamic, changing needs of employers. The Board plays an active role in identifying important new computing skills, knowledge, and research needs; recommending vehicles to meet initial and continuing computing education needs; and making the faculty aware of real world computing issues and problems via participation in faculty computing internship and executive-in-residence programs.

  • Board members keep the Dean abreast of timely trends, changes, and developments in business and computing so that the college continues to incorporate "real-world" concerns into its curricula in a timely fashion through new programs, fresh curriculum thrusts, and research directions.
  • Board members identify opportunities for partnering with the community for the purposes of promoting mutual gain through such activities as student recruiting and consulting arrangements, involving faculty members in practical business problems, arranging for guest lecturers from industry, supporting state-wide government outreach operations, and bringing students into direct contact with industry leaders and their ideas.

Promote the College to its Respective Constituencies

The Board, recognizing that the key to quality graduates is quality faculty, facilities and incoming students, actively assists the college in being recognized at the state and federal levels, the business community, and the general public.

  • Board members function as ambassadors for the college and utilize their experience and insight to develop and support ways and means of advancing the presence of the college in the region, the nation, and around the world.
  • Board members will serve as a forum for the exchange of points-of-view between industry leaders and academicians as they relate to advancing education and research.

Assist the College in Fundraising Programs

Given the critical need for private funds to augment tuition revenues, the college actively seeks gifts and bequests from individuals and corporate donors. The Dean's Advisory Board and its influence in attracting funding to the Golisano College can be of paramount importance to the overall fiscal success of GCCIS, year-in and year-out.

  • Board members participate in the college fundraising campaigns.
  • Board members assist the college in formulating effective strategies, identifying appealing projects, developing effective tactics, identifying likely contributors, evaluating potential prospects, and making key initial contacts.

For more information contact: 585-475-7203

Meet the Advisory Board

Alex G. Balazs headshot
Alex G. Balazs
Senior Vice President, Chief Architect

Danielle Bessette headshot
Danielle Bessette '00
Senior Director of Engineering

Dan Canzano headshot
Dan Canzano
Retired CIO and VP
Paychex Corp.

Richard Cheng headshot
Richard Cheng, Ph.D.
Retired Chairman and CEO
ECI Holdings, LLC

Todd Colvin headshot
Todd Colvin
Chief Information Security Officer & Senior Vice President
Rochester Regional Health

Justin Copie headshot
Justin Copie '04
Innovative Solutions

Ralph C. Derrickson headshot
Ralph C. Derrickson '78 '81
President & CEO
Bsquare Corp.

Jeremy Edman headshot
Jeremy Edman
Executive Director
JP Morgan Chase

Kassidy Gerber headshot
Kassidy Gerber '04
Business Development
Valve Corporation

Lisa Hepburn headshot
Lisa Hepburn
Director- Material Informatics and Data Analytics
Corning Research and Development Corporation

Michael McCrackan headshot
Michael McCrackan '99
Vice President of Engineering & Operations
Music Choice

Michael Regelski headshot
Michael Regelski '89 '93
Senior VP/ Chief Technology Officer Electrical Sector
Eaton Corp.

Karen Roth headshot
Karen Roth
Chief Engineer, Information Directorate
Air Force Research Laboratory

Beth Savoy headshot
Beth Savoy
Sr. Research Manager, Scientific Computing
Corning Research and Development Corporation

Mark Steen headshot
Dr. Mark Steen
Central Avenue Consulting

John Sweeney headshot
John Sweeney '87
Director, Americas Systems Integrator
Citrix Systems

Danielle Valliere headshot
Danielle Valliere '01
Customer Success Manager
Linc Global