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Stacey Watson

Adjunct Faculty

Stacey Watson

Adjunct Faculty


BA, York University; BE, Brock University; MS, Columbus State University; Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Charlotte


Stacey Watson taught Advanced Placement courses for twelve years before earning her Master of Science degree in Applied Computer Science with a specialization in Information Security. She then spent almost five years in industry, where she began as an intern and then an Information Security Analyst in the financial services industry before transitioning to a Security Engineer position with Hewlett-Packard. Her industry experience culminated in a Senior Security Engineer position in the hospitality industry. She has experience with vulnerability management, deploying and configuring a Governance, Risk and Compliance software product, and with deploying and configuring a penetration testing platform in a large corporation with data centers across the world.

In 2016, Stacey took a position as a lecturer at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte while she worked on her doctorate. She graduated in 2018 and a took a position at Nazareth College before transitioning to RIT in the Fall of 2019.

Her research foci include usable privacy and security, improving security accessibility, computing education and broadening participation in computing.

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