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Frank Athias

'85 BS Computer Science

Served as the CTO and Senior Vice President for Xfinity Mobile RetailConvergence - XMRC, Franklyn drove the division’s overall technology strategy, as well as helped to ensure alignment of the architecture and product portfolio for the next era of wireless communication. In addition, through his leadership position, he ensured key fundamental areas of Next-Generation Technology, Orchestration & Management, and Innovations were consistently encouraged and upheld, while continuing to drive the company’s core mission statement. Previously, Franklyn served as the Sr. Vice President of IP Communications and Services for Comcast Cable, where he was responsible for developing and deploying strategic opportunities within cable, to extend services for WiFi, Internet, and Digital Voice.

Throughout his 25-plus-year career with Comcast, he spearheaded several IP Architecture programs and initiatives for cable-modem broadband services. Notable accomplishments during his tenure include serving as the lead architect for the IMS voice strategy and deployment for residential and business services, Lead Architect for Internet Service, and initiating the evaluation process of the industry’s first Voice over IP service using cable-modems. He has been recognized for teaming up with the Comcast Interactive Capital and Strategic Development organizations, and participating in the technical evaluation of early stage startup companies, along with a host of other valuable contributions.

Franklyn, who received his BS in computer science from Rochester Institute of Technology, is a member of SCTE, NAMIC, NSBE, NSPE, IEEE, and participates in numerous standards making bodies in the cable and wireless arenas. In addition, he holds over 25 U.S. patents.

A staunch STEM / STEAM advocate, he supports various innovative initiatives throughout the City of Philadelphia, including DanceLogic, a program Franklyn spearheaded, specifically geared towards teaching young girls to program while it integrates the art of dance. Additionally, Franklyn frequently volunteers with young adults teaching code development, software user interface methods, and engineering design process and fundamentals, as well as application and systems programming.