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The mass amount of data being collected by industries, retailers, and organizations requires knowledgeable professionals who can manage, process, and analyze this information to identify and understand trends and to make meaningful business decisions.

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Computer graphics and visualization, data management, and intelligent systems are just a few topics you’ll explore while developing the skills to keep up in this ever-changing field.

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A research degree designed to produce independent scholars, cutting-edge researchers, and well-prepared educators, you'll benefit from world-class faculty, diverse academic offerings, and modern facilities as you identify and research challenges within and beyond computing. 

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Develop a solid foundation in cyber security as you understand how integrated systems are designed and developed, and the leadership skills that are paramount for guiding an industry that’s still exploring its role and impact in society.

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Develop a strong foundation in cyber security in order to create secure network environments.

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Demand is high for professionals skilled in both analytics and computing. Enhance your skill set by learning to manage large-scale data sets in this highly applied program.  

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Explore the simulation, edutainment, or visualization landscape as you enhance your game design and development skills to create truly innovative games.

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Demand is high for professionals who are well versed in applying computing and information technology solutions to the management of health care information and patient data.

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By studying how people interact with websites, computer systems, emerging technologies, and software, you will be able to create intuitive technological interfaces that will improve how we interact with and use emerging technologies.

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Dive deeper into the study of how information is understood and applied as you work to solve the unexplored problems that are challenging the computing industry.

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Students interested in studying networking and systems administration should refer to one of the following MS programs: information sciences and technologies or computing security, or contact the Office of Graduate Admissions for more information.

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Develop a strong foundation in the design and implementation of network systems for a ranging of industries.

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Gain hands-on experience through team-based and individual projects to further your understanding of the development and implementation of modern software systems.

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Develop an expertise in interactive multimedia design as you enhance the communication and digital media experience.

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