Moving Forward

Moving Forward Together


As we continue to move together utilizing different methods of learning and making connections, we will continue to support one another as we always have.

While we practice social distancing, we are finding new ways to move forward together. Visit Virtual Student Life to stay connected!

Three simple things you can do today


Be Present

It’s not enough to show up online. We need to feel your presence. Your voice adds value to the shared learning, and the sense of community in each class.


Be Persistent

If you run into any difficulties, send a note to the instructor right away. Most problems are easily solved, but we need to know what they are before we can help.


Be Patient

Be patient with yourself, as well as your instructor. Take the time to make the most out of each lecture, no matter how it’s presented. We will learn and grow every day.

From her home, RIT Student Government President Anika Aftab shares a message of Tiger pride, strength and perseverance.

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May 3

Eyes on Fall: A Time for Creativity

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April 20

RIT announces summer session course offerings in online format

More than 350 courses in over 80 disciplines offered; summer grants available for students registering for six or more undergraduate credits.

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