Given the most recent guidance by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, State of New York, and Monroe County concerning COVID-19 transmission, we feel that we must reduce and/or suspend laboratory research and other nonessential research activities at his time, including graduate independent research and project-based research that require access to our laboratory facilities. This restriction applies to all facilities related to research, scholarship, and creative activity.

Sponsored Research Services (SRS) and Sponsored Programs Accounting (SPA) are monitoring agency guidance relating to COVID-19 and sponsored projects. We understand that principal investigators may have questions about how to manage awards over the next several weeks. Ask a question regarding impact on your specific sponsored project.

RIT is asking people to reduce or suspend laboratory research and other nonessential research activities, including graduate independent research and project-based research that require access to RIT laboratory facilities.

Examples of critical activities are those necessary to maintain laboratory viability such as:

  • Care for animals, plants, and unique or expensive cell cultures or biological specimens.
  • Preservation of unique reagents and other unique or expensive materials.
  • Maintaining equipment (e.g., liquid nitrogen and liquid helium systems, and shared computational clusters) that cannot be maintained remotely or shut down without significant cost or consequences to the research effort.

Any research studies that involve face-to-face interaction with human subjects should be suspended until further notice unless the safety of the subject would be at risk if the research is discontinued. Studies that require face-to-face interaction and have significant direct benefit to subjects may be allowed to continue after Office of Vice President for Research/Human Subjects Research Office consideration. Current studies that are conducted entirely online or through video conferencing platforms with no face-to-face contact with subjects may continue and enroll new subjects.

All visits to laboratories by outside scientists should be canceled until further notice.

Faculty, staff, postdocs and graduate students are encouraged to continue their work remotely. This includes writing papers, analyzing data, running computations, and developing computational or analytic methods.

The salaries and stipends of staff, students, and postdocs who work remotely will continue on grants or other sources as usual. Guidance for researchers on federal grants charges and considerations for planning activity restrictions are collected on the Sponsored Research Services website.