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Start-up Business Incubator

Bill Bond

RIT’s entrepreneurial possibilities can be your next product or start-up business investment. Every day RIT students and faculty are building business plans and developing new technology and systems from projects and applied research. Many of these are waiting for a capital investment to launch, or are intellectual property ready to be licenses by existing companies.

The Simone Center for Student Innovation & Entrepreneurship has been recognized as one of the country’s best student business incubator programs. The Center’s programs include:

  • An intense summer start-up program aimed at assisting student entrepreneurs in moving their business concepts from plan to investment-ready.
  • The Student Innovation Challenge Grant Program, which helps students and student teams advance innovation projects with the potential to be commercialized. Current focus is on LED and digital display technologies, next generation home technologies (connectedness), communications (4G LTE), and access technology
  • An holistic Student Incubator initiative aimed at students who want to start a business or commercialize their innovations. This program focuses on both product (technology) and business development.

For faculty-developed products and technology, RIT’s Intellectual Property Management Office (IPMO) works with RIT’s researchers to identify, capture and commercialize intellectual property, both that developed for RIT, and for research sponsors. IPMO makes licensable technology available existing companies, and also matches investors to researchers seeking start-up support.

If you’re interested in the opportunities for technology licensing and start-up business investment, contact Bill Bond, Director of RIT’s Intellectual Property Management Office at 585.475.2986, or by email at

You can also access student innovation and start-ups through the Simone Center by contacting Richard DeMartino, Director of the Simone Center, at 585.475.5646, or by e-mail at