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Forthcoming AST Colloquia

RIT AST Colloquia Schedule : 2016-17 
AST RIT Colloquia room details are listed on the Events Calendar
Coffee/Tea and cookies will be available please see events calendar for room and time details. 
Date Speaker Affiliation Title
9/26/2016 Jess McIver  Caltech Bridging interferometry and astrophysics: noise and the future of gravitational wave astronomy
10/10/2016 Rupert Croft  Carnegie Mellon University  Glimpses of futuristic cosmology: relativistic effects and spectral maps 
10/24/2016 Dale Kocevski Colby College

 Illuminating the Black Hole – Galaxy Connection with CANDELS

10/31/2016 Pantazis Mouroulis

NASA Jet Porpulsion Laboratories

CIS Talk: Imaging Spectroscopy Technologies and Applications
11/7/2016 Colette Salyk Vassar College Studying planet formation processes with molecular spectroscopy
11/21/2016 Federico Lelli  Case Western Reserve University The radial acceleration relation: linking baryons and dark matter in galaxies
12/5/2016 Jax Sanders Syracuse University

The Future of Gravitational Wave Interferometers

12/12/2016 Shelia Dwyer  Caltech Opening the gravitational wave universe: the physics behind a new type of astronomy
1/30/2017 Grant Tremblay

Yale University 

A Galaxy-Scale Fountain of Cold Molecular Gas Pumped by a Black Hole
2/13/2017 Erwin Lau

Yale University

Modeling Baryonic Physics in Galaxy Clusters
2/27/2017 Stephanie LaMassa

Space Telescope Science Institute

Unveiling Black Hole Growth Over Cosmic Time
3/27/2017 Justin Khoury

University of Pennsylvania

New Approaches to Dark Matter
4/10/2017 Dominik A. Riechers Cornell University The Intricate Role of Cold Gas and Dust in Galaxy Evolution at Early Cosmic Epochs
4/24/2017 Eric Fossum Dartmouth College Quanta Image Sensor: Every Photon Counts