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Research Facilities


For observational research, students have use of RIT's Observatory and have observing time on the 0.9m WIYN Telescope at Kitt Peak National Observatory in Arizona. 

WIYN 0.9m Observatory

The WIYN 0.9m Observatory supports the current and future research and educational needs of its scientists by operating and maintaining the 0.9m facility at its highest standards. The 0.9m Observatory strives to develop opportunities to enable frontier astrophysical research.

Dr. Michael Richmond with PhD Alumni Marcus Freeman ('15) and Valerie Rapson ('15) in the 0.9m WIYN control room.


CCRG Supercomputer Laboratory "Black Hole Lab

The lab currently hosts clusters dedicated to perform project-specific research tasks:
The gravitySimulator and GRAPE clusters
The "gravitySimulator," a special-purpose 32-node supercomputer that achieves speeds of 4 Tflops in solving the gravitational N-body problem. gravitySimulator was purchased in 2004 through an NSF MRI award AST-0821141. Three stand-alone GRAPE-6 computers are also been added in 2009 to complement the computing power of the gravitySimulator. 
The NewHorizons Linux Cluster
NewHorizons is a Linux-based specialized cluster dedicated to federally funded research in numerical relativity and computational relativistic astrophysics. 
The BlueSky Linux Cluster
A new NSF MRI award (PHY-1229173) provides funds for the acquisition of a 600-core, high-speed, large-memory computer cluster, "BlueSky," dedicated to supporting interdisciplinary research at the frontiers of gravitational physics, relativistic astrophysics, advanced high-performance computation, and scientific visualization.