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Color has been a topic of intense interest and inquiry for millennia. Philosophers (Aristotle), poets (Goethe), physicists (Newton), physiologists (Helmholtz), psychologists (Fechner), and mathematicians (Schrödinger) have all contributed to our understanding of color phenomena. Color science is a fundamental field of science dedicated to understanding the creation of colored stimuli, sources of illumination, and ultimately the human perception of color. It builds upon, and crosses the disciplinary boundaries of, chemistry, physics, life sciences, mathematics, and psychology. Color science is used in the design and production of most man-made materials including textiles, paints, plastics, ceramics, and imaging systems and to specify the properties of diverse natural materials such as skin, plants, animals, and soil. The applications of color science are truly ubiquitous.

Dr. Mark Fairchild, Director


  • Recent Color Science Grads

  • David L. Long
    Expanding Dimensionality in Cinema Color: Impacting Observer Variability through Multiprimary Display
  • Maxim W. Derhak
    Spectrally Based Material Color Equivalency: Modeling and Manipulation
  • Yuta Asano
    Individual Colorimetric Observers for Personalized Color Imaging


  • Recent Employers of Color Science Grads

  • Apple
  • UR Institute of Optics
  • Motorola Mobility
  • RIT
  • Onyx Graphics
  • Microsoft Research
  • Qualcomm
  • Ricoh Americas
  • OmniVision
  • Advanced Vision Technology