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Student Research of PoCS / MCSL

This is a collection of past research results, often in the form of student theses or unpublished technical reports.

Observer Function Database

This is a database of observer functions (color matching functions) that were derived in a PhD thesis work of Yuta Asano. The database includes individual colorimetric observer model, categorical observers, and estimated CMFs for 151 color-normal human observers. (more info)

Introducing (pronounced Waypoint) Wpt

A normalization methodology has been developed that linearly transforms sensor values / cone excitations (or linear transforms of sensor excitations) into a material color equivalency representation that can be used as a waypoint for defining Material Adjustment Transforms. The normalization process adjusts for the white point and independently preserves the perceptive aspects of lightness, chroma, and hue resulting in an opponent like coordinate system designated by the axes W, p, and t. (more info)

Introducing WLab

A set of invertible non-linear transforms was derived that adjusts Wpt (Waypoint) coordinates to and from a more perceptually uniform coordinate system (WLab or Waypoint-Lab) that allows for the advantageous features of Wpt to be directly applied to situations where other standard color spaces are typically used.(more info)

Euclidean Color Spaces

A movie of how the CIEDE2000 system is embedded into an Euclidean space. (2.7MB MOV file)

iCAM06: HDR Rendering

The latest High Dynamic Range rendering model.

Advanced Image Quality Studies of LCTVs

Detailed image quality analyses of liquid crystal televisions.

Helmholtz-Kohlrausch Effect

The Perceptual Amplification of Color for a Common Computer Monitor: Helmholtz-Kohlrausch at Work on the Desktop Computer

Fluorescence Measurement

Evaluation of Bispectral Spectrophotometry for Accurate Colorimetry of Printing Materials

Hue correction Look Up Tables

These tables (LUTs) are used to transform CIELAB coordinates to and from Hung & Berns hue-corrected space. This information pertains to Appendix H of the Ph.D. dissertation A Paradigm for Color Gamut Mapping of Pictorial Images, by Gustav J. Braun,RIT, 1999. See LSO P.Hung and R.Berns, "Determination of Constant Hue Loci for a CRT Gamut and Their Predictions Using Color Appearance Spaces," Color Res Appl 20, 285-295, 1995.)

There are two plain text, tab-delimited ASCII files: forward transform, and inverse transform. The data from these files can be used to estimate the destination hue for any given input color, specified by its [Cab*,hab] coordinates, using bilinear interpolation.

Evaluating Color Matching Functions

Research on evaluating the 1931 CIE color matching functions..

Spectral Sensitivities

Evaluation and Optimal Design of Spectral Sensitivities for Digital Color Imaging..

Paint Research

Developing a Spectral and Colorimetric Spectral and Colorimetric Database of Artist Paint Materials..