About RIT

RIT is one of the nation's top comprehensive universities and sets the national standard for career-oriented education. Located in suburban Rochester, NY, RIT is a private university with more than 13,000 students enrolled in its seven colleges. Programs with an environmental focus include environmental management and technology, environmental science, environmental chemistry, civil engineering technology; packaging science, industrial and manufacturing engineering and other areas. Extensive co-operative education programs provide you with the opportunity to acquire valuable firsthand experience in the real world.

students walking along RIT's quarter Mile

US News & World Report has recognized RIT as one of the nations leading universities in terms of academic reputation and for best value. In the year 2000 edition of its annual survey of American colleges and universities, US News & World Report: America's Best Colleges, ranked RIT third among the top regional universities in the north and tied for first in academic reputation. RIT tied for fifth in the nation as the top undergraduate engineering program whose highest degree is a bachelors or a masters. Students come to RIT from every state and more than 80 foreign countries for a good reason-what they gain from their experience gives them a tremendous competitive advantage after they graduate.

A Sophisticated, High-Tech Campus: RIT's Center for Excellence in Mathematics, Science and Technology features classrooms and laboratories with the most up-to-date equipment and technology. "Smart" labs allow you to use computer modeling, 3-D imaging and virtual reality to carry out your experiments. To emphasize the interdisciplinary nature of environmental science, you'll use labs across campus-biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, imaging science, engineering and environmental management-and make frequent trips into the field for hands-on research.

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