Study Abroad

Study abroad gives students outstanding opportunities to live and work in other cultures, study multiple ecosystems first hand, and gain exposure to a world of career possibilities. RIT study abroad options range from semesters in Europe, Africa, Central America or the Caribbean, to unforgettable 10-day trips to Baja and the Galapagos.

Student group in Galapagos

Denmark’s International Study Program: Denmark is a remarkable example of how environmental protection can be achieved in an affluent free-market economy. This program allows RIT students to study at Danish universities and participate in field-based study tours throughout Europe. Courses, including biology and environmental science, are taught in English.

The School for Field Studies: RIT’s affiliation with The School for Field Studies enables students to spend a semester studying ecology and conducting research in Australia, Costa Rica, Kenya, Mexico, or the Turks and Ciacos Islands in the Caribbean.

SCUBA Divers in Baja, Mexico

Baja, Mexico: Spend spring break studying gray whales, and sea turtle behaviors, mangrove and desert eco systems, and aquaculture. The “Ecology of Baja” course meets one hour a week during winter quarter, then culminates in a spring-break trip to a field station in Baja.

A student observing iguanas

Galapagos Islands: It was a visit to the Galapagos—with its plethora of uniquely adapted subspecies—that inspired Charles Darwin to formulate his theory of evolution. Today the Galapagos is home to advanced efforts to preserve such species as the green turtle and the Galapagos sea lion. RIT’s ten-day trip has students living on boats and traveling from island to island to study wildlife and conservation.

For more information on the Study Abroad program: Contact Lei Lani Stelle or Elizabeth Hane.

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