Thank you for visiting the EZ-Viz information and download page. If you are unfamiliar with EZ-Viz, it was created in the summer of 2005 with hopes of developing a simple but powerful interface for PyMOL.

PyMOL is a molecular modeling program that can be used in a wide range of studies within the scientific community. Its ability to produce informative, detailed, stereoscopic images makes it a very powerful tool both in the laboratory and in the classroom. However, the PyMOL user interface is difficult to use and the PyMOL Users Manual readily admits that "development has been focused on capabilities, not on ease-of-use for new users."

The end product of the work is known as EZ-Viz. A series of clickable tabs, this PyMOL plug-in allows users to create an informative model while avoiding the use of highly syntactical PyMOL commands. By coupling preset views with easy to use dropdown menu selections, the images on this page were created without having to manually enter a single command directly into PyMOL.

Downloading and Installing EZ-Viz
EZ-Viz is currently supported by the Windows, Macintosh and Linux versions of PyMOL, either of which must be installed before EZ-Viz can be unpacked. Please visit the PyMOL Web Site for download and installation information.

Click on the appropriate link below to download the EZ-Viz plug-in. In the download you will find a file named readme.txt. Please refer to this document, as it instructs the user how the files should be unzipped and where they need to be placed in order for the program to run corretly.




Help Files
EZ-Viz also contains a series of help files to help the user become familiar with the interface. Due to a considerably larger file size than the interface itself, the help files can be downloaded separately by clicking here. Again, a file named readme.txt in the download explains where to install these files to.

We would like to recognize all contributors to this project, of which there are many. Thank you to Laura Grell, Chris Parkin, Scott Mottarella, Len Slatest, Dr. Paul Craig and Dr. Darrell Hurt.
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