About Us

The LivePhoto Physics Project team includes

  • Robert Teese (Rochester Institute of Technology)
  • Alicia Allbaugh (JPL NASA)
  • Patrick Cooney (Millersville University)
  • Priscilla Laws (Dickinson College)
  • E. F. (Joe) Redish (University of Maryland)
  • David Sokoloff (University of Oregon)
  • Ronald Thornton (Tufts University)
  • Maxine Willis (Dickinson College)

During the past 20 years, we have led over 30 workshops to help college and high-school teachers learn how to use video analysis in introductory physics courses. A primary objective of the workshops was to make video analysis a hands-on activity for the students, which includes having the students make their own videos. The teachers in the workshops were eager to make and analyze their own videos in class, and to help their students to do the same, but most of them also wanted a source of ready-made videos to serve as examples and as backups for times when the instructors do not have time for making their own. The LivePhoto Physics project was created to help these workshop participants and other teachers obtain high-quality videos and curricular materials for use in one-year physics courses.