Student Movies

This page contains movies made by Muskingum College Physics Majors in 1995.


Thrown Back?

Download Video: MP4: throw.mp4

Is a passenger in an accelerating car "thrown back" by some force, or does it just seem that way? Brian and Nikki made a movie, throw.mp4 (589KB), of an accelerating toy truck and its passenger to find out. They also made another movie, throw-d.mp4 (14MB), explaining how they did it.


Download Video: MP4: throw-d.mp4

Falling Meterstick

Download Video: MP4: fall.mp4

Brian and Brian made a movie, fall.mp4 (333KB), of a falling meterstick that you can use to measure the acceleration of gravity. Just mark the point on the computer monitor (with a bit of tape, perhaps) where the end of the meterstick is in the first frame, then read off the distance it falls in each following frame. Plot these numbers versus time (each frame is 1/30 s) and fit the graph to a parabola. They also made another movie, fall-d.mp4 (9MB), describing how they made the data movie.

Download Video: MP4: fall-d.mp4