Airfoil in Wind Tunnel

These movies were made with the Flotek 1440 wind tunnel in RIT's Department of Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering Technology. They show air moving past an airfoil. Small (approx. 2-3 mm diameter) bubbles are in the air. They are neutrally buoyant, so their motion corresponds closely to the motion of the air around them. The movies were made at 500 frames/second with a shutter speed of 1990 microseconds. Each bubble appears as a short streak, and the length of the streak indicates how far the bubble moved in 1990 microseconds. By analyzing a movie in LoggerPro, it is possible to superimpose measured velocity vectors on the movie. The result for 10.mp4 is shown in LP_Wind_Tunnel_10.mp4.


QuickTime Format (playback at 500 fps):

Download Video: MP4: 10.mp4

Download Video: MP4: 16.mp4

Download Video: MP4: 18.mp4

Download Video: MP4: 30.mp4

Download Video: MP4: LP_Wind_Tunnel_10.mp4