Scope of Services

Our office provides short-term, goal-focused therapy. The average treatment length is 5 to 6 sessions within a year; however, many students are seen for just one visit.

If you regularly see a professional for counseling in your home community, we recommend continuing services with your provider, if possible. Weekly, specialized, or intensive clinical services that require meeting beyond identified short-term goals are outside the scope of our services. If you desire such services, contact Case Management for assistance in connecting with a mental health specialist in the Rochester community.

Our office has three essential roles for advancing the educational mission of RIT:

Provide clinical services that help students achieve their academic and personal goals.

Educate the campus community about the psychological and developmental needs of students through community-level interventions, outreach programming, and consultation.

Respond to the effects of crisis impacting individual students and the campus community.

Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Students

Counseling and Psychological Services staff includes mental health therapists fluent in American Sign Language to meet the mental health needs of currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate deaf, hard-of- hearing, and hearing students.

Severe or Chronic Mental Health Issues

With regard to severe, chronic, or longstanding mental health problems, our focus is to assist students in obtaining relief from some of the emotional discomfort, behaviors, and thoughts that can accompany such conditions and to facilitate coping with said conditions. The focus is not on providing long-term, intensive or curative treatment. Ideally, our objective is to assist students with concerns before they develop into more serious problems.