Cybersecurity Visiting Student Research (CyberVSR) Program Summer 2023


Provide undergraduate and graduate students in US and internationally to:

  • gain research experiences in the broad area of cybersecurity with RIT faculty and peers of complementary skillsets and experiences, and
  • immerse in an inclusive and culturally enriched and diverse environment for personal and professional development.


  • Remote research activity mentored by RIT faculty (up to 12-week: TBD)
    • Weekly Zoom meeting(s) with faculty mentor and other student researchers.
    • Exact period and schedule depends on student and faculty availability.
  • Remote program-wide weekly seminar hour (8 week: TBD):
    • Biweekly CyberVSR Seminar (guest speakers and student research discussions)
      • Moderated by Dr. Yang, Director of Global Outreach, GCI.
    • Biweekly TigerTea hour (cultural exchange and fun games)
      • Moderated by RIT Global staff.
  • Program Fee: TBD
  • Optional In-person experience at RIT (Timeline TBD). For those interested, RIT is offering an in-person option as outlined below. All students will begin the program remotely and those who elect to participate, will shift to in-person (timeline TBD). Those not participating in the in-person experience will continue with virtual participation. Commitment for the in-person option will be expected at time of participation confirmation. Participants must commit 35 hours per week for the program activity during the stay at RIT.
    • Arrival: TBD
    • Departure: TBD
    • In-Person Program Fee: TBD
    • The estimated in-person program fee covers:
      • Housing:
        • Students will be living in RIT’s newest and most popular residential and commercial complex – Global Village.
      • Events and Excursions: orientation and celebration events and group excursion to Niagara Falls, USA followed by an outing in Rochester such as a Rochester Redwings baseball game and fireworks display.   
      • Meal plan, F-1 student visa support and health insurance, and the use of RIT campus facilities
      • Additional details for the in-person experience are listed below.

Time Line

  • Application Deadline: TBD for 2023
  • Acceptance Notification: 2 to 3 weeks after receiving application

* International students who are interested in in-person experience at RIT are strongly encouraged to apply early, indicate the in-person interest in the application, and confirm participation early.

Application Material

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Transcript(s) (unofficial one is acceptable)
  • Statement of Interests (1~2 page)
    • Objective and expected outcomes from the research experience
    • Research area of interests and potential faculty mentor(s) (
    • Relevant experiences and aspirations
    • Period of availability and estimated weekly effort (in hours) for all the remote/virtual activities.
    • Special needs for financial aid
    • (Optional) Interest in the in-person participation from July 5 – July 30 as outlined in the program materials.

To apply and inquiries, please contact Ms. Mellissa Woodhams via email

In-person Program Details

  • The health and safety of the RIT community is a priority. RIT measures have been put into to protect our students, faculty, staff, and the greater community. For the most updated information about RIT's measures and response please visit the website. The RIT Global Office will also work closely with students regarding arrival, quarantine, testing, and other health and safety precautions as they prepare to travel to Rochester, NY.


  • Students will be living in RIT’s newest and most popular residential and commercial complex – Global Village.
  • The suite-style housing provides single bedrooms, access to a full kitchen, meeting spaces, wireless internet access, laundry facilities and much more.
  • The Global Village complex includes a global food market, hair salon, gift shop, dining options, and a courtyard with a fire pit and outdoor seating.

Events and Excursions

  • An orientation event will be hosted upon arrival to welcome students to campus.
  • Students will participate in a group excursion to Niagara Falls, USA followed by an outing in Rochester such as a Rochester Redwings baseball game and fireworks display.
  • An end of program celebration event. 

F-1 Student Visa Support and Health Insurance

  • RIT will issue each in-person participant an I-20 to begin the F-1 Student visa application. Students are responsible for the SEVIS fee as well as any visa fees required by the U.S. Embassy.
  • Students will be automatically enrolled in the RIT Basic Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Policy. Cost of this health insurance is included for each student in the program fee.

Meal Plan

  • Students will be provided with a meal plan while at RIT equivalent to US $25/day. RIT Dining Services is committed to providing students with a variety of food to suit many different cultural, religious, and dietary needs. Students will find both Halal and vegetarian options served as well as the ability to cook for oneself.

Campus Facilities

  • All participants are encouraged to take full advantage of all the state-of-the-art facilities, whether it’s in the classroom, labs, or in the 15,000 sq. meter recreational facility – the RIT Gordon Field House.
  • Campus is safe and secure on 1,300 acres with blue-light emergency notification kiosks, a well-staffed police department, student health center and our own ambulance service.
  • Note: Access to some campus facilities and equipment may be limited by COVID health and safety precautions.