My name is Lorne Farovitch. I was born in Vancouver B.C., Canada and grew up in Arizona. My wonderful deaf parents raised me along with two hearing siblings. I went to Arizona Schools for the Deaf and Blind because my parents wanted me to have full access to learning through American Sign Language. After graduating from high school, I went to Gallaudet University and graduated with two degrees inĀ Biology and Chemistry. I am fascinated with science. Science has many different and interesting areas that I was not sure about until I saw the Rochester Bridges to Doctorate Program.

The Bridges Program is perfect for me because it helps me narrow down to an area of science that I am most interested in. Currently, I am a graduate student in environmental science and am interested in doing research on the survival of various pathogens in surface water, sediments, and soils.

Gloria Wink, Bridges Scholar, featured in URMC "Healthy Signs"
Bridges Cohort 2014-2015: Jessica Contreras