Dr. Jess Cuculick, co-director of NCCL Deaf Health Lab and Bridges Professional Development Director, and Dr. Mike McKee, NCCL collaborator, gave great presentations on deaf individuals’ health literacy at the International Conference on Communication in Healthcare—Health Literacy Annual Research Conference.

Bridges Scholar Tori Popov and Program Director Peter Hauser joined Dr. Cuculick at the conference in Baltimore, MD, October 8-11.

*Image Description: square photo separated into 3 boxed sections. Top photo left to right: woman (Tori Popov, Bridges Scholar) with long blonde hair in light blue shirt; tall thin man (Dr. Scott Smith) with short hair in light blue-green shirt; man (Dr. Mike McKee) with light brown hair in light gray shirt and tie; Academy of Communication in Healthcare (ACH) banner; woman (Jennifer Forquer) with short gray/brown hair in a gray suit jacket; woman (Dr. Jess Cuculick) with short gray/red hair in a black shirt; man (Dr. Peter Hauser) with dark hair and beard in a blue shirt and tie.

Bottom left picture is Dr. Jess Cuculick in a black shirt with hands raised mid-sentence, large white writing pad behind her.

Bottom right picture is Dr. Mike McKee in light gray shirt and tie with hands raised in mid-sentence, large white writing pad behind him.

ABRCMS 2017 in Phoenix, AZ
Bridges Alum Lorne Involved in Field Research