Executive Committee and Program Staff

Peter C. Hauser, Ph.D.

Progam Director/PI at RIT/NTID

Steven L. Barnett, M.D.

Program Director/PI at URMC

Jess Cuculick, PhD

Co-Professional Development Director at RIT/NTID

Tiffany Panko, M.D.

Co-Professional Development Director at RIT/NTID

Jason Nordhaus, PhD

PhD Readiness Director

PJ Simpson-Haidaris, PhD

Co-Science Education Director at URMC

Elaine Smolock, PhD

Co-Science Education Director at URMC

Patricia White, PhD

Co-Science Education Director at URMC

Nikki Cherry, M.Ed.

Co-Program Coordinator and Designated Interpreter ar RIT/NTID

Jessica Contreras

Co-Program Coordinator at RIT/NTID

Alaina Mairano

Co-Program Coordinator at URMC

Kat Womack

Designated Interpreter at RIT/NTID

Caroline Callahan

Co-Program Coordinator at URMC

Oversight Committee

  • Vivian Lewis, M.D., Vice Provost for Faculty Development and Diversity, UR
  • Edith M. Lord, Ph.D., Senior Associate Dean for Graduate Education at UR Medical Center
  • Daniel Ornt, M.D., Vice President and Dean, Institute of Health Sciences and Technology, RIT
  • Richard Pederson, Ph.D., Assistant Dean & Director, NTID Access Services
  • Twyla Cummings, Ph.D., Dean of Graduate Education, RIT
  • James Hall, Ph.D., Executive Director, School of Individualized Study, RIT
  • Robert Pollard, Ph.D., Associate Dean of Research, NTID, RIT
  • Ryne Raffaelle, Ph.D., Vice President for Research and Associate Provost, RIT
  • Louisa Bennetto, Ph.D., Associate Professor, UR
  • Alan Hurwitz, Ed.D. Former President of NTID and Gallaudet

The Bridges mission is to increase the number of deaf and hard of hearing scientists in behavioral and biomedical science fields.