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“It is my goal to further energize RIT’s position as a center for entrepreneurship and innovation.”
Phil Saunders

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Our goal is to raise an additional $2.2 million to complete the Saunders Challenge!

Phil Saunders has witnessed firsthand the incredible talent and energy our students bring to their studies, their research, and their entrepreneurial efforts, and the huge potential our alumni represent to lead business in the coming decades.

His belief that Saunders College stands to become a center of entrepreneurship and innovation for the next generation of business leaders led him to commit $5,000,000 to the college as a challenge gift. His call for all Saunders alumni and friends to come together to raise a total of $20 million to support the college's visionary plans will create an exciting new environment for business education at RIT!

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Unlock education access for all

Saunders College remarkable outcomes include high placement rates for our graduates. Despite this positive result, the cost of today’s business education outpaces the amount most families have to invest.

College is still a great investment, and scholarships are critical for most students to attend, graduate, and begin successful lives free from large, long-term loans. Saunders College is a great investment, too. Providing a business education in an innovation-focused, technology-rich environment is helping to prepare hundreds of business leaders for future successful careers. But most of those business leaders require scholarship aid to complete their degrees.

Supporting scholarships for Saunders College students is one of the most important things you can do to advance the College and our students’ futures.

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Unlock technology-rich, learning-driven classrooms and labs

Innovation inspiring spaces move business education from classroom lectures to real-world experience. By creating technology-rich spaces that enable modern teaching and communications, Saunders College seeks to provide a business education that truly models today’s business environment.

These new classrooms and labs ensure that students are prepared for their business careers from day one. You can support these important new facilities with a gift to the Saunders Challenge:

  • The Business Analytics Lab houses Saunders’ Bloomberg Financial Markets technology, where students can gain real-world business, finance, economics, informations systems, and data analytics experience. Sixteen workstations provide students access to the same information and technology relied on by financial professionals globally, and gain an edge in the competitive job market.

  • The Phil Tyler Active Learning Classroom serves as a reminder of Dr. Tyler’s commitment to both challenging classroom activities and relationship building as keys to business and personal success. Active learning classrooms are student-centered with digital and traditional displays suited for visual presentation. They include easily configurable desk arrangements for teamwork or classroom presentation, and information sharing within and across students and teams.
  • The Student Learning Center is a technology-rich gathering and studying space that is destined to become a home for Saunders College students to interact and succeed. Designed to serve student needs for tutoring, teamwork, and technology access, the learning center will provide a central location within Lowenthal Hall for students and faculty to engage, build relationships, and advance their studies.
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Unlock innovation to build tomorrow’s businesses

Students in Saunders College have a unique opportunity to hone their entrepreneurial chops. As business students at a comprehensive, technology-rich university, they can merge their talents and skills with those of engineering, science, computing, and design peers to launch new businesses, or just learn the best business practices to use in their future careers.

RIT’s vibrant entrepreneurial environment is ripe for building exciting new business opportunities and launching successful entrepreneurs. Supporting elements of entrepreneurship such as the annual Entrepreneurs Conference, business plan competitions, and workshops and projects in the Simone Center for Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship, helps increase the number of successful careers and new businesses grounded in a Saunders College education.

For more information on how your gift to the Saunders Challenge can impact Saunders College and our students, please contact

Dan Watson
Sr. Director of Development

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