Just $15 for a super scarf.
And it will make a big difference.
It will help RIT change lives.

And show your Tiger Pride!

thank you of the month

Get this cool yet chill–chasing RIT scarf when you make a gift of $15 (or more) to RIT this month. The scarf matches our January knit cap and is another great opportunity for you, as a member of the RIT community, to get the gear that makes a difference. And wrap this heartwarming fact around yourself: January’s hat offer brought in nearly $10,000. That’s a terrific investment in RIT and all it stands for. It also proves that EVERY GIFT COUNTS!

February: Knit scarf with stripes is yours for a gift of $15 or more.
One size fits all. Quantity is limited. Offer expires February 28.

Be cool, collegiate and confident about showing off your RIT colors. Make your gift today! As always, direct your gift to the college, department, sport, club, etc., that means the most to you.

P.S. Send us a photo of you sporting your RIT scarf and/or hat to and show your Tiger Pride! We’d love to showcase our Tiger supporters!

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