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thank you of the month

Team RIT wants you! To score this highly identifiable headgear, just make a gift of $15 or more. Every time you go to a ball game, picnic or are just out and about, you’ll be immediately recognizable as a proud RIT Tiger. You’ll also know that you cared enough to be a donor, and that your gift will help RIT continue to deliver an outstanding education student by student, year after year.

JUNE: RIT baseball hat for a gift of $15 or more.
One size fits all. Quantity is limited. Offer expires June 30.

EVERY GIFT COUNTS when it comes to providing our students with a great RIT education. To date, the alumni, parents, faculty, staff and others who have responded to our “Thank You of the Month” program have provided more than $30,000 for RIT and its students. Join the team! Get the gear that makes a difference! Help your favorite area of RIT... and know that you will also be helping RIT change lives.

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