Each year the university awards named scholarships, made possible through the generosity of hundreds of individuals and organizations. RIT has more than 600 scholarship funds (including 450 endowed scholarships) that range in requirements from very general to highly specialized, and from merit-based to need-based. View a complete list of named scholarships offering crucial support to RIT students.

Scholarships change everything. Invest is a student’s life and strengthen RIT’s future. To learn more, please download our brochure.

Supporting Scholarships

Supporting Scholarships

Scholarship funds fall into two general categories:

  • Restricted scholarship funds - An annual scholarship fund provides an award to a current student for an academic year with no long-term investment of money used to establish the fund.
  • Endowed scholarship funds - Endowed scholarships can be established with a single payment or the fund can be built with payments over a period of three years to reach the minimum level. Once fully vested, the fund will pay an annual distribution that will be used as the scholarship award.

In addition to the type of scholarship, donors may choose criteria for the award including academic merit, degree program or college, demonstrated leadership, participation in student activities, financial need, or any combination of preferences. To learn more about establishing a scholarship, click here.

Lifecycle of an Endowed Scholarship

Lifecycle of an Endowed Scholarship

  • A scholarship is established through documentation of a statement of intent in partnership with the Office of Development.
  • Scholarship representatives may have up to three years from the date the statement of intent is originated to meet the minimum threshold level.
  • Once the threshold level is met, the donor stewardship team will notify the scholarship representatives and the college or unit administrator of the new endowed scholarship.
  • The contributions will be invested the following quarter-end and will be co-mingled with RIT's investment portfolio accruing interest for one full calendar-year prior to a spending distribution.
  • Spending distributions occur each fall upon approval of RIT's Board of Trustees according to RIT's spending policy.
  • RIT's Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships or college scholarship review committee will make a determination on award feasibility based upon the amount of the distribution. If the amount is deemed impactful, the administrators will seek to make an award and determine eligibility in accordance with the special criteria of each scholarship. The administrator does maintain the right to reserve a distribution in order to combine the funds with the next year's distribution in order to make a more impactful award to the student.
  • Once an award is made, the student will be notified and a student profile and thank you note will be requested by the donor stewardship team.
  • Awards made during RIT's fiscal year (July 1 - June 30) will be reflected in the stewardship reports mailed in the following fall.
Meet Your RIT Scholars

Meet Your RIT Scholars

The donor stewardship team contacts scholarship recipients each spring to request personal thank-you notes, photos and biographies. Participating student credentials are compiled into gratitude packets and sent to scholarship representatives each spring. 

Throughout the year, scholarship representatives have the opportunity to connect with and engage their scholars through in-person and virtual meetings. These visits are coordinated by the donor stewardship team by request only.