What is Crowdfunding at RIT?

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Crowdfunding at RIT is a program for students, faculty, and staff to fundraise for their RIT-related expenses associated with class projects, club events, and other approved activities. This program provides the tools and training to harness the power of crowdfunding, today’s most powerful online fundraising technology.

Teams interested in launching a crowdfunding campaign, must submit an online application and schedule a 30 minute interview. Approved projects will undergo a two-to-four week campaign development period. Crowdfunding campaigns will launch for thirty-days. In that time, project teams will leverage their personal and professional networks through email and social media to raise the necessary funding to reach their goal.

Why Crowdfunding at RIT?

  • Program coaching: Designated coach to support and maximize the dollars raised.
  • Campaign marketing and PR training: To help teams create powerful stories related to your fundraising needs.
  • No processing or hidden fees: Crowdfunding at RIT does not collect a percentage of funds raised. All raised funds go directly to the project.
  • Easy to use, web-based platform: Customized and personalized web pages for each campaign team member.


Student Organizations:

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Will your group or organization require additional support to carry out a project, trip or initiative this semester? Crowdfunding at RIT will train your group on how to successfully reach your fundraising goal. Apply Now »



Club Athletics:

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If your club athletics team wants to spend less time fundraising and more time competing, Crowdfunding at RIT will provide you with a proven game plan to fund your team’s expenses. Apply Now »



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Crowdfunding has launched several prominent research projects into the public eye. With Crowdfunding at RIT, you can raise awareness of and funding for your research. Apply Now »


Programs and Groups:

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Crowdfunding at RIT will also review and accept applications from other university-related programs, organizations, and academic. Apply Now »


How to apply?

  • Apply: Submit an online application here. Review RIT’s Crowdfunding guidelines here.
  • Interview: Schedule crowdfunding interview.
  • Review: RIT’s Crowdfunding Committee reviews and approves all crowdfunding campaigns.
For more information, please send your inquiry to Crowdfunding@rit.edu and we will follow up within 24 - 48 hours.


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