Peter Gabak

Peter Gabak joins students for the CIAS Honors' trip to Italy.

Peter Gabak gives because RIT students are our Legacy

"What is your legacy? I was talking this week with a colleague on the passing of a fellow CIAS faculty member, and together, we discussed the fact that the legacy of a teacher lives on in his/her students. As an adjunct faculty member, my greatest joy is working with bright, engaged students in CIAS and CLA. But like most of us at RIT, I know that getting here, and staying here to complete a degree is a financial struggle for many students and their families.

"While the need for scholarships has always been acute at RIT, the demand has increased in recent years. How many students share with you that they’re working not one but two jobs in addition to going to school full-time? So, I made a very simple choice. I made RIT a beneficiary of my RIT retirement account as a bequest to establish a scholarship fund. This is a great way to make a lasting impact with a significant gift than I could otherwise, which allowed me to direct my scholarship to help students in a specific degree program that is meaningful to me.

"The average student debt right now is around $25,000 after completing a bachelor’s degree. My scholarship fund will help cut that debt burden down for students and launch them into their lives on a solid footing.

It’s much more than a donation. It’s my legacy, and a way for me to help shape the lives of RIT students long after I’ve left the classroom."