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Ron Goldberg, Bill DuBois, Dawn Tower DuBois, Michael Peres, Scott Saldinger, and Willie Osterman visit Cowboys Stadium June 2012 planning RIT Big Shot No 28.

Ron Goldberg
Ron Goldberg gives because of strong connections

"My connections to RIT are strong, and there are a lot of them!"

"As an alumnus of the renowned School of Printing, I was aware of the value of my association with that program from the start. Today, I am proud to see the school adapt to the new business environment while still providing a relevant, high quality education to students. My MBA, also, has been highly valuable to me by providing lessons I've used throughout my career and a network of fellow classmates that I remain connected to. From my undergraduate years, through my work on campus today, the students, faculty, and staff members I've interacted with have left a positive mark on my life, and I'm grateful for that."

"No matter how long I'm a part of the RIT family, I know that one thing is paramount – our commitment to students. I believe that one of the valuable aspects of that commitment is efforts to provide an outstanding experience outside of the classroom. That's why I've supported several extracurricular areas of RIT, including the Graphic Arts Student Clubs Alumni Endowed Fund, The Big Shot photo project, and the RIT hockey program. As a student first, and now an alumnus and staff member, I know how important these types of activities are to building a strong community and a great student experience."