Faculty & Staff

Carol L. Tyler '96 and Philip R. Tyler, D.B.A. '65

We are so proud to be part of the RIT family. We are alumni, as are our son-Lance, our daughter and her husband—Kristin and Richard Marano, Carol's father—Winfield J. Miller, Phil's sister and brother in law—Gwen and Richard Osburn and Carol's brother and sister in law—Gary and Lucy Miller. We truly are an RIT family. RIT helped us lay a solid foundation for our lives.

That is a major reason for us to support RIT financially—we believe in RIT and how it prepares people to live productive and happy lives. Our education is an investment that lives forever and it is our pleasure to contribute to help students who are working to become RIT alumni. It really is a win-win, we know it is a right thing to do.

RIT and the Saunders College of Business continue to grow in excellence, each and every year. Great people make that happen.

We choose to focus our giving on the Phil Tyler Endowed Scholarship for Marketing Students in the Saunders College of Business. It was Phil's pleasure and passion to spend 38 years teaching marketing to both graduate and undergraduate students—here and in the Czech Republic. And it was a special joy to be with them on Graduation Day and see the pride and happiness in their eyes. Continuing to hear from graduates over the years is especially rewarding.

RIT, the Saunders College of Business, our alumni and students continue to get even better looking every day. It is so gratifying to us to support that with our gifts.