Why Annual Giving Matters

Alumni and Parents - Partners in Higher Education

Five years ago, like many other families, Kathleen Clas and her husband set out to help their college bound twin sons select a college that was right for them.

They looked to balance value with affordability. While the Rochester natives applied to other colleges, they have always respected RIT and the educational value it offered, especially the broad set of experiences provided combined with career-specific training.

"It turned out that RIT was very competitive compared to other schools," says Kathy, "thanks, in part, to the scholarship funding RIT was able to offer."

"We were pleasantly surprised with the support we received." says Kathy. "The financial aid office was willing to work with us on our individual needs both at the beginning of the application process during the next four years as our circumstances changed. The scholarships and loans my sons received, combined with choosing affordable housing resulted in RIT being my sons' choice."

Personally, Kathy believes that it is nearly impossible to monetize the value of higher education for her children. "Michael and Greg would not be attending RIT without the scholarship assistance. We are very grateful to those who had the foresight and generosity to support scholarship funding. They recognized the challenge of an affordable education for many families. Their gifts of support mean that my children and many others have been able to receive the unique education RIT offers, and a degree that will help them become highly productive individuals in our communities and businesses. She adds, "If I am fortunate enough to be in a position to do so, I plan to contribute to the RIT scholarship fund to enable other students to choose RIT."

Today, more than 75% of students attending RIT need scholarship assistance to realize their educational dreams. Every gift of support – no matter what amount – makes a difference. In fact, it helps to change lives.