Why Annual Giving Matters

Imagine RIT with More Support

What could RIT be with your participation in the Fund for RIT each year?

Last year, just 6% of alumni made a gift to RIT. If you were part of that valued group of supporters, thank you so much! But if you haven’t decided to support your alma mater yet, or if you haven’t made your gift this year, we want you to imagine RIT with greater alumni support. Want to know how it would look?

By adding just 1% of RIT alumni giving $20 each year, RIT would have seven more students every year going abroad for co-op or study abroad. If that 1% gave $50, we would send 20 more students.

If 5% more of RIT alumni gave $20 each year, two endowed scholarships could be created to support students for decades to come. If that 5% raised their gifts to $50 each year, it would support a year-long lecture series in a leading edge field.

And if 10% more of RIT alumni gave $20, it would pay for four years of RIT’s summer math camp for middle school girls or five years of the Future Business Leaders & Entrepreneurs program. It would support 150 student innovation teams, or the entire college career of an RIT/Rochester City Scholars student.

In fact, if 10% more of RIT alumni gave ANYTHING, RIT would reach the national average for alumni giving to colleges and universities. And that would change our national ranking and position us as one of the leading universities in any region of this country.

This is the time for you to make it happen for the 2014 Fund for RIT appeal, and a critical time for more RIT alumni to make a gift to the university. Every gift matters, and every alumnus has an impact. Make your gift today »